Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Question

Q 1.  I Have left the Registration in middle, How should I continue from there?

  • In the case, if you left the registration in middle, You have to contact us with the registered email id.

Q 1. Your account is not activated after payment. or not able to login

  • Account activation takes some time. Your account will be activated any time within 6 working hours. if your account is not activated even after 6 working hours then kindly contact us.

Q 2. Error message: Email has already been registered Kindly login with the password

  • Yes, it happens when you have left the registration process incomplete. so you need to log in with the registered email ID and the password. and follow the steps. Still, you are having a problem then contact us with the registered email address.


Payment related issues

Q1. Payment is completed but Registration is Failed. 

Do not worry, we are here to help you. This happens sometimes because of some failure in internet transactions (including the failure of internet connection at your end). You MUST contact us. we will definitely help you. We value your Money.


Signature and Photo-related issues

Q1. Whatever I do I’m not able to upload my signature. I’m following all the instructions and criteria specified. How do I do?

It seems to have worked for a lot of candidates. Please check again the format you are trying to upload. Photo size should not be larger than 100kb.

Q2. When I download my application, my photo or signature is distorted.

Please don’t worry. This may be a download problem. Most probably, your photo and signature are captured correctly in our system and this will how in your Test Series Dashboard.